Mie Lidi: Indonesian Stick Noodle

Mie Lidi is a type of Indonesian noodle. The word “mie” means noodle; while “lidi” is generally translated as thin stick. The name came from the physical appearance of the noodle which is similar to the midrib of coconut leaf.

Raw Mie Lidi

Mie lidi is normally sold in dried form. Its color is yellow or light orange. There has been some debates about the color of the noodles. Some said it is not suitable for vegetarians because it might contain animal proteins. There was also some rumors saying that the yellow color comes from the prawn stock used to give both flavor and color to the noodle.

Stir Fried Mie Lidi

Mie lidi is rather tough. It has to be cooked properly. It is usually boiled before further processed. It is a delicious treat but it is not suggested to be eaten as a substitute for rice or other staple foods. It is not as nutritious and harder to digest.

Mie Lidi is mostly associated with Javanese and Peranakan cooking. It is more popular in the western pars of Indonesia. It is usually stir-fried along with vegetables, eggs or meats.

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  1. the term ‘hard to digest’ is one of my favourites but of course not in relation to food:-)

    • I love that term too! Especially when it is about mythology and cosmology. I think stories about angels, gods or any other supernatural entities should be a little confusing and hard to digest; so that they stay mysterious and interesting.😀

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